ESSAAR Technologies dedicated Testing Services unit focuses on Verification and Validation of products and applications. Our testing team will work closely with customers/clients, from the requirements analysis phase. Our testing teams have developed robust processes to ensure that our Verification and Validation services are consistent and industry standards quality.

Our Software Testing Services include Life cycle testing, Test automation and specialized testing. We enable our customers to deliver reliable and quality software by providing end-to-end testing ensuring lower Total Cost of Ownership, faster time-to-market, increased productivity through automation and robust processes.

Software Testing services :

  • Unit testing
  • Integration/Link testing
  • Functional System testing
  • End-End testing
  • Load, stress and performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Cross platform testing

HP/Mercury Tools :

  • QTP : Functional testing automation tool
  • Winrunner: Functional Automation Tool
  • Load Runner :-Performance/Load Testing Tool
  • Rational functional tester : Functional testing automation tool
  • Quality Centre, TestDirectory:-Defect tracking and Test Management Tool

We follow a rigorous process to ensure that complete Quality of the application under test.
Following are the areas that we excel in automated Testing approach:-

  • End-to-end consulting from defining a Functional/Performance testing approach, identification of appropriate tools and methodologies, setting up test infrastructure, test analysis, reporting and maintenance of performance/Functional test assets.
  • Process oriented deliverables to the end customer
  • Detailed test analysis reports identifying Functional /Performance bottlenecks and recommendations
  • We make use of effective reporting and debugging capabilities in available tools, that is essential to ensure that there is follow up on issues that are of higher priority.
  • Removing and isolating the bugs due to presence of multiple layers in Performance Testing.
  • Identifying Performance testing problems due to:
  • Service need specific hardware specification
  • Distributed service may have network latency and identifying the same.

Following are the areas that we excel in Manual Testing approach:-

  • Being Thorough in Test Design and Documentation
  • Managing the Test Activities Well
  • Having a Separate Budget with Proper Funding Allocated for Testing
  • If there is a daily build process where there is need to run smoke-tests to assess the changes and stability of the software from build to build, these tests can be high-volume and short-cycle.Careful analysis of the highly important test cases and execution of the same will be done where as automation the high volume ones.

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